Ferrari 250 GTL

This is one of the first cars we restored for a Swiss client, with whom we have worked continuously over many years; the respect and appreciation we have for each other will certainly consolidate our relationship over the years to come.

Arrival of the car

The arrival of a new car – whatever it may be – is always an event: we are always consumed by curiosity to get to know the vehicle and discover its secrets. This is the best way to start a good restoration job.


During disassembly, the operator makes a preliminary inspection of the parts: he will also be responsible for re-assembling the entire car. Notes, photographs, a good memory and outstanding manual skills are essential to a perfect assembly.


It is always a surprise to see the car stripped of paint: when it arrived, it seemed to be in quite good condition, with new interiors and glossy paint work. With its paint stripped off, it is clear that it has been repaired roughly in some areas and even left unrepaired in others.


Many parts of the car needed to be overhauled, including the rear strut, the luggage compartment and the rear lid, the sills, wheelhouses and bumpers, and a new front lid and grille also had to be constructed.