We provide a range of restoration services across the most prestigious national and international marques

Our Services

  • Painting

    Our paintwork and panel work are intended not just to restore the original condition of the body, but also to ensure outstanding scores in concours d’elegance. We mix our colours to match the original samples in our archives. We are happy to provide samples of our colours to the customer on request.

  • Highly qualified staff

    We not only make all kinds of paint – our core business – but also organise and manage all the technical work required for a completely authentic restoration, making use of the services of our network of highly qualified craftsmen. We provide full photographic documentation of the restoration process and archive searches for the original configuration.

  • Stripping

    Our water stripping process prevents excess material being removed and enables us to restore the panel work to its original condition without damaging it. If the car has not been stripped before, we can also determine its original colour and in some cases leave it in place as a testimony.

  • Consultancy for acquisitions

    Before you invest a lot of money in a new car for your collection, it’s important to be sure that you’re doing the right thing. Buying a car and then embarking on a long and costly restoration is not to be taken lightly, and our consultancy can be of great value to potential buyers. There are always surprises – sometimes unpleasant: a glossy paint job and new leather upholstery can conceal serious problems.

  • Concours d'Elegance

    Many competitions have been won by cars restored and prepared by us. We pay enormous attention to ensuring that all components are regularly installed and aligned and all details in place. Our process and professionalism assure an outstanding final result, especially in attention to detail and in the conformity of the paintwork.


  • Spare parts

    We have a vast stock of spare parts on hand: new old stock, used parts and reproductions. From the magnesium alloy cast rims of the Miura, emblems, instrumentation and parts damaged by time – they all make the difference on a car which has just been restored.